JH-Senior Design Engineer-International OEM

“Nanette is THE go-to person in the transformer industry! Not only does she bring a lot of energy and insight to any career opportunity, but her candid honesty is irreplaceable. Engineers know their technical areas of expertise, HR managers know company needs, and Nanette knows how to connect the right people with the right technical skills to the companies that need those skills. She consistently creates win-win situations and long-lasting relationships built on trust.

I’ve trusted Nanette for years. She not only makes valuable employment connections, but also advises me on career development plans. It is the strong rapport that she has with engineers and companies alike that distinguises her from others in her field: she truly knows the engineers she works with and the needs of the companies seeking her services, while other talent recruiters merely market resumes without truly knowing their people.

In short, regardless of who you are, you want Nanette on your side!”

– JH-Senior Design Engineer-International OEM