We work hard to satisfy both our corporate clients and our job candidates. Over the last several years, Nanette Foster has grown a solid network of professionals and hiring managers in the power equipment manufacturing business, as well as utilities and power companies. Here are a few testimonials we have received from satisfied clients and candidates over the years.

Power TransformerNanette is THE go-to person in the transformer industry! Not only does she bring a lot of energy and insight to any career opportunity, but her candid honesty is irreplaceable. Engineers know their technical areas of expertise, HR managers know company needs, and Nanette knows how to connect the right people with the right technical skills to the companies that need those skills. She consistently creates win-win situations and long-lasting relationships built on trust.

I’ve trusted Nanette for years. She not only makes valuable employment connections, but also advises me on career development plans. It is the strong rapport that she has with engineers and companies alike that distinguises her from others in her field: she truly knows the engineers she works with and the needs of the companies seeking her services, while other talent recruiters merely market resumes without truly knowing their people.

In short, regardless of who you are, you want Nanette on your side!”

JH-Senior Design Engineer-International OEM

Sir or Madam,
It’s my pleasure to submit this letter of recommendation (LOR) for Mrs. Nanette Foster as a Tier 1 recruiter of technical professionals, managers and executive band professionals. I do so without hesitation based on a very successful, and ongoing, 8-year professional relationship.

My perspective on her abilities and industry knowledge began in 2005 when she placed me in a senior commercial position as a Product Manager with GE (Plainville, CT). The needs-to-skills match was an excellent one providing me with an incredible opportunity to successfully launch two 600V Class product lines (NPIs) in the North American Market (NAM). In addition to the NAM product lines I was given the additional opportunity to re-commercialize a line of Medium Voltage DC breakers on a global level.

A few years later in my career I benefited greatly from Nanette’s network and understanding of the electric power industry. As an Engineering Manager for ABB (hiring manager), Nanette recruited mid-level and senior-level engineering professionals and engineering management positions directly for me and other Department Managers in the business unit (BU). Over our continuing 8 year friendship I’ve know Nanette to successfully place many talented professionals in GE, EATON, ABB and other Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies across the electric power industry. Through her industry knowledge and rigorous screening process, Nanette provided an effective source of engineering talent to both my Product Development department and my Customer Order Engineering department while saving the BU a tremendous amount of time ($).

Given her 17+ years experience in the business, the breadth of her network and her track record of recruiting qualified top-talent, I recommend you submit your human resource needs directly to Nanette and avoid delays with less experienced recruiters that claim to know the industry.

RG, Director of Engineering

“Recruiters are like lawyers…99% of them give the other 1% a bad name. Nanette is the defining 1%. Her high ethical standard and integrity are second to none and truly separate her from the rest. I have worked with Nanette for over 6 years and through all of it she has been a true partner, not just a “recruiter.” She is connected, competent, and professional and has consistently delivered results that met our challenging business resource needs. She stays connected and engaged with the employee and employer long after the start date to ensure a smooth and productive transition.”

General Manager, Transformer OEM.

I worked with Nanette while on the job search in late 2010. Nanette was spot-on with her matching of me to opportunities. Any of the jobs that I was introduced I would have been glad to take. With Nanette, she made me feel well prepared and comfortable during the interview process. She knew the background of the people I would be interviewed with, the process, what questions to ask, and other pertinent information. Besides being a straight shooter, she is a joy to speak with. We have kept in touch after my search was over. She helped me find a job that will push my career ahead. If you are looking for a job in the field, I recommend Nanette wholeheartedly.

JB, Senior Design Engineer

Definitely Mrs. Nanette Foster is a high level recruiter in the Power Industry, it is very difficult to find a specialized HR person that fully understand the complexity of the tasks and positions in the power business.  She is able to perfectly match candidates and jobs with the appropriate positions.  Unlike other recruiters Nanette understands the power industry.

I had a great experience as a candidate when she brought me an excellent position that matched my skills and experience perfectly, as well, during all the process, her guidance, mentoring and very professional management of the hiring process was amazing.  I cannot thank her enough.  I have an excellent job in a very prestigious company.

We are now engaged and using her services again to fill our most difficult positions because we trust in her excellent skills and service to get the best candidates for our organization.

I have been on both sides as a candidate and as a hiring manager and Nanette definitely is the person you want to contact in the Power industry.

JC, Vice President of Engineering


Nanette is the best resource in the power industry. She is knowledgeable, professional, and a true go getter. I like to think of her as a life changer.”

EC, Sales Professional