Senior Transformer Designer-100K+ [JOB POSTING]

We are seeking a BS in Electrical Engineering with experience designing dry type transformers OR oil filled transformers. Medium voltage design experience is desired. Design electrical power transformers according to customer specifications. Perform thermal, transient and short-circuit verification of designs. Perform overall transformer design calculations and detailed coil and insulation design. Prepare documentation for design and manufacturing. Select components including insulation system (up to 220C), cooling equipment (convection, forced air, liquid cooled), and protective systems. Participate in technical meetings with customers and conduct internal and customer design reviews. Create detailed instructions to perform testing of transformers per IEEE or Military standards. Familiarity with phase shifting and high frequency power transformers desired.

What makes this interesting! This is a work from home position and they work 4 days per week! They also have longevity in their employees. The company has established a culture of teamwork and peer reviews. This is an engineer’s position each job is different this is highly specialized product and not cookie cutter. One of the reasons they do have longevity with their employees is because of the excitement of different work every day. They have a variety of projects at various stages of development or production process so there is always something new to work on.

Solid company history and financials. Excellent benefits package and above average pay. Growth opportunities available.

All candidates must be able to provide proof of citizenship at the time of application due to our clients requirements.

This position is the opportunity to apply your true engineering skills.  Our products are engineered to order and you are guaranteed to never be bored.  If you are looking for the next step in your career contact me Nanette[at]fosterconner[dot]com


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Specialties: Executive Recruiter in Power Transformer, Distribution Transformers, Magnetic Transformers, Switchgear and Substation, Distribution Class Switchgear, Paralleling Switchgear, Motors and Drives and sub-sets.

nanette foster

Nanette Foster is a talent recruiter, and the owner of Foster Conner. She specializes in hiring engineering and management talent for the energy and power industries, as well as municipal utilities. Nanette has previously been named an MRI “Pacesetter,” Regional Top 10, and recognized as a Certified Senior Account Manager (CSAM) for her tenure, success and knowledge of the talent search industry.  She has also been named among the top 50 MRI Account Executives in the USA.